Get Your Motorcycle Ready

Whether you like to get out on the road by yourself, or travel with a group, there’s nothing like getting out there on your motorcycle. Here in the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin, you’ve got a limited amount of time before the ice and snow hits, so you want to get as much riding in as you can.

You may be tempted to pull the cover off your bike and just take off. But, as with any precious possession, you want to take better care of it than that. The first thing to do is change your storage insurance policy to your full Minnesota or Wisconsin motorcycle insurance coverage. Your agent at Baldwin Woodville can help you with that.

Then, follow the guidelines below to properly prepare your bike for a fun and safe summer of traveling the open road.

Dust, Clean, Fuel, and Oil

Take off the cover, blocks, plugs, and/or rags used to store your bike, and give it a good washing. Check the fluid levels and consistency, and fill or replace fluids that need it. Check the fuel tank, lines, and fittings for cracks or breaks, and repair and replace as necessary. Finally, change the oil, even if you did so before storing your bike.

Safety First

There are a number of things to check before your bike is safe for the road.

  1. Battery – The battery must be fully charged, which you may have done over the winter. If not, do so now, and if you need to replace it, do so before riding.
  2. Tires – Check your tires thoroughly for cracks, bulges, or other problems. Replace if necessary. Otherwise, fill them up to the proper air pressure. Also check the wheels for dents and repair spokes if necessary.
  3. Brakes – You’ve already checked the brake fluid, and filled or replaced it. Now, visually inspect the brake pads, discs, and shoes. If they have gotten too thin, replace them. Clean the rotors, and make sure the brake handle and throttle cables are well lubricated. Just before you head out, test the brakes by taking a short test run.
  4. Suspension, Frame, Steering – Check all around the frame, focusing on any joints or connections, to make sure there are no slight cracks. Lubricate the bearings and kickstand for smooth operation, and make sure the steering is working smooth and easy.

After you’ve checked all these things, check the controls, rev her up, and hit the road.

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