Seasonal House Upkeep Series: Summer

Welcome to the first installment of our year-long series on seasonal house upkeep. If you’re new to home ownership, this will be an invaluable tool throughout the year. If you’re an old hat, check it out. You may still have something to learn!

Outdoor Maintenance

Summer is a great time to make sure your house’s exterior stays in the best shape possible. This is the time to check and repair your roof. The rains of spring have passed, so you can count on there being enough warm, dry, Chippewa Valley days to complete a roofing project. This is also the best time of year to clean and maintain decks, porches, and siding. Rent a power washer at a reasonable price, and have a blast while getting this job done in quick order.

Summer is also a good time to make sure your garage is working well. Start out by testing the garage door, looking for any dents in the tracks or door that cause difficulty of operation. Throw a hat under the door to make sure the safety stop operation is working properly.

Indoor Maintenance

Throughout the year, we’ll make suggestions on regular maintenance to be done inside, as well. This way, by doing certain things each season, you will develop a routine that ensures each thing is done once a year, and you’re not stuck doing them all at once.

  • Dishwasher – Check for leaks, and make sure there are no clogs on the inside. If everything is not operating correctly, contact a repair person, and see if your Minnesota or Western Wisconsin homeowner’s insurance policy covers any of these repairs. Your Baldwin Woodville agent will be happy to help you with this.
  • Furnace – There’s no better time to have your furnace serviced than when it is not in operation. You want to be sure it’s working on that first cold day, which in the Midwest, could be anywhere from August to November. While you’re at it, use this time to replace the furnace filters.
  • Refrigerator – Along with doing a full clean of the inside of your refrigerator, clean the coils. Each model is different, so if you don’t have it tucked away somewhere easy to find, look up the owner’s manual online to see exactly how to do this safely and effectively.
  • Batteries – Change the batteries in your flashlights, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors. Doing this once a year will ensure they work when you need them.

See us in the fall for your next list of seasonal house upkeep tips.