4th of July Weekend: Get Your RV Ready

In the Chippewa Valley, Independence Day means summer is in full swing. For a lot of people, it may also mean your first chance of the season to get out and do some camping. Before you head out in your RV, be sure to prepare it properly for a fun and safe summer.

The first thing you need to do is talk to your insurance agent, like the friendly people here at Baldwin Woodville, and make sure you switch from your storage RV insurance policy to your full coverage Western Wisconsin or Minnesota RV insurance policy. Then make sure your current registration and proof of insurance is in the glove box.

Exterior Check

RVs are known for developing water leaks over the winter months, so the first thing to do is check the roof, and around the windows, air conditioner, and doors for cracks or missing caulk. Repair as necessary.

Next, check the tires. Winter storage could have brought on cracks, either on the sidewall or between the treads. Replace any tires that have developed cracks, and don’t forget to fill the tires up to the correct pressure before you head out on the road.

Interior Check

There are a number of things to check inside your RV.

  1. Batteries – Check and clean your batteries, charging as necessary. Clean any corrosion, and check battery fluid levels.
  2. Liquid Propane – Turn off everything that uses LP gas, turn the leak detector on inside your RV, and open the valves on the propane tanks. If there are leaks, contact a professional to make repairs.
  3. Water – As you fill your water tanks, preferably using your city water, turn on a hot and a cold faucet to allow the air to escape. Check pipes and plugs for any leakage, and repair as needed. Then fill up the onboard tanks. Run the fresh water pump, and make sure it doesn’t cycle on again, which would indicate leaks that would need repair.
  4. Generator – Following your owner’s manual instructions, prepare your generator with fresh fuel.
  5. Waste – Check all sewer hoses for damage, and repair or replace as necessary. Also make sure the waste tank valves are opening and closing properly, with no leaks.
  6. Appliances – Test each appliance to make sure it’s in working order.

Once you have done all this, you just need to pack wisely, clean your RV until it’s pretty as new, and hit the road with your family and pets, ready for an excellent summer of camping.